How to add greenery to your garden this winter?

Are you tired of gazing at the leafless trees in your garden during winter? If yes, we’ve good news for you. This winter you can enjoy greenery in your garden with lively and beautiful plants around. Yes, you’ve read it right.

We’re here with top 5 garden plants that will blossom even in the heart of winter. Moreover, using decorative planters with a few of these plants can make your garden look appealing.

1.    Flowering quince
If the climate is extreme in your area, flowering quince is the ideal choice for you. This deciduous shrub can tolerate extreme climate and stretch up to 8 feet wide. It can make great natural fencing in your garden and put a big show even in winter.

2.    Snowdrop
Unlike most other plants that keeps hiding from the winter’s chill, snowdrop is one of those plants that are eager to get going. These plants are shy and prefer to hide under taller shrubs or in rock gardens. If you want to make your garden look amazing this winter, these plants are must have. You can also grow them in designer planters for an eye-catching look.

3.    Boxwood
This type of plants can make your winter garden come alive with their unique shape and texture. These boxwood hedges are easy to grow and shape and they make great garden outlines. Your garden can be turned into a fairy tale with their tall conifers.

4.    Camellia
There can be nothing better than the surprise by some varieties of camellia that blossoms in the mid of January. Since a wide variety of this plant is available, you need to get in touch with an experienced person to choose the right type of camellia that blooms beautifully in winter. These plants can live 50-100 years.

5.    Winter jasmine
These beautiful plants can add a touch of beauty and appeal to your garden. Usually these plants pepper the stems from November. The best thing is that you can easily maintain them without much of the efforts.

Thus, with these beautiful plants, you can give your garden an amazing look this winter. For planters you can browse through our site to pick your favourite.