Make your favourite plant survive this winter

When it’s winter, it’s time you take extra care of the plants in your garden. Why? It is because the winter season is harsher than any other season on plants and flowers. Your favourite bloom might find it challenging to survive the bad weather and cold temperatures. But don’t worry as we’ve the tips that will make your winter plants survive the harsh climate.

Outdoors plants

  • Clearing away debris

The debris should be cleared and the delicate plants should be shield from cold, otherwise they may die due to drops in temperature. You can also use beautiful garden pots and planters to give your garden an attractive look.

  • Trim the plants

The flowers and plants in winter need to be pruned and trimmed to remove the unwanted blackened stems and foliage. This is necessary to prevent diseases in your garden.

  • Spread mulch

If you want your plants to grow healthy, spreading a new layer of mulch is necessary. This will feed you plants with proper nutrients in the coming season as well. So make sure you take proper care of the soil in your garden.

Indoors plants

  • Mist plants

It is better to spray the plants in your garden with a light mist at least two or three times a day. This is more important when you grow tropical plants in your garden indoor. You can place such plants in the humid part of the house and grow them in illuminated planters.

  • Put plants in light

Receiving adequate light, regardless of the season is important for the healthy growth of the plants. And since the days are shorter in winter, you need to be a little more careful and need to ensure that the plants receive lights as per their needs.

  • Reduce watering

Misting plants is undoubtedly important, but overwatering should at any cost be avoided. Plants require less watering in winter as they grow at a slower rate. The best way to find ideal time for watering is- put your finger in the soil about two inches and if you find your finger dry, it means you need to water the plant.

Following these tips will surely help you make your favourite plant grow healthy this winter.