Mark a Difference with Decorative Planters

Looking for a cost-effective yet an impactful way to draw attention to the entrance of your commercial building? There can be nothing better than a planter. They give you a variety of options to play with. Like they mark an entry, act as a test garden for new plants, give you the flexibility to change plants each season, offer opportunities to be creative with interesting planters and bold plant arrangements and there are even plastic planters available in the market. 

There are certain key considerations to be kept in mind while choosing the planters and the plants to enhance the beauty of the entrance.

  • Size- the size of the decorative planter should be based on the entrance size of your building. A planter should not overwhelm an entrance or hinder accessibility.
  • Planter contents- height of the plants, color variations, textures etc should be considered for creating a complete visual experience.
  • Introduce on-trend plants and colors- try out latest plant varieties and incorporate new colors into your landscape palette.
  • Mark an entry- the entrance is an opportunity to make a difference and you can define your style by choosing the right type of planters available in the range of plastic planters to illuminated planters.
  • Brighten up monotone landscapes- during the mid-summer when landscape can feel dull, focus on keeping and plants watered. Planters are mini garden beds which you can quickly change out and refresh in a day. You can infuse entrance with fresh colors and styles.

Illuminate your surrounding
Create a magical view by using illuminating decorative planters so that it can increase the feelings of satisfaction and community. The various products available can bring paradise at your commercial building, home and garden. In this busy city life we all thrive to steal a moment away from all the hustles and chaos. A perfectly illuminated surrounding can bring those calm vibes in your life.

With our range of decorative planters and plastic planters inject your commercial landscape with vibrant colors, new plant varieties and seasonally appropriate plant arrangements that make a statement at an entrance.