Choose the Right Planter for Your Garden

To add beauty to home with capturing outdoor space and porch with plants, garden pots and planters are one of the best concepts. A wide range of designer planters is available online. You need to consider few things such as cost, lifespan, and quality to sustain to get super stylish planters. There are variety of options with shapes, color, quality, and size of planters and also within good price-quality planters are available that have weather resistant and watering tray option. You can put the lovely touch to the garden with unique designs, handcrafted cement planters that are available in the market. If someone is looking for geometric design in planters they can go with geo planters that are perfect in shape and design.

Garden pots and planters are available in a wide range of flower planters and vegetable planters. It is very important to grow garden in the smooth and healthy way, so now the question arises how to get best garden planter.

  • Choosing the right planter- Study all condition and requirement of the plant which you are planning to grow. There are many plants that need the full exposure of sun, while few needs midday. It is important to check requirement of the plant while choosing planters. Few plants need regular watering, so tray comes with a planter that helps in stressing out lack of water to plant.
  • The mobility of planter- as per convenience mobility is required so instead of getting heavy planter, go with light weighted and strong designer planters. But if solid heavy planters are required then best option is to go with concrete planters.
  • Selection of material- To sustain with moisture and for maintaining the temperature of soil stone or concrete planters is the best option as it has good insulation.

Types of pots & planters

  1. Wood and metal planter- they are pretty in look and design but can be maintained with preservatives as wood shrinks and expands as it comes with the contact of moisture. On the other hand, for giving life to long plants metal is excellent.
  2. Fiberglass- it comes under synthetic option which is light, less expensive and frost resistant, where plastic planters are moisture conserving.

To get the best garden pots and planters or designer planters online in India is a good option as it gives different planters as per the style and requirement of the customer. Shopping a good planter is not an easy task as it is challenging to get best at the best price. With the detailed description of size, shape, material, that are mentioned, makes picking up planter easily.