Add the contemporary delight and natural effects to your Garden area

Add the contemporary delight and natural effects to your lifestyle and mesmerize anyone by the vision created by it. The combination of spellbinding seating pieces and the illuminated flower pots is perfectly the enchantress!

What could be something that might make the morning sunshine a little more energizing and the cool evening breeze a little more soothing? Well, it is definitely the environment in which you decide to enjoy these natural bounties. The good news is that you have the magic wand to enhance the environment in which you are by following very simple methods. It is actually by reviving and renovating, by introducing any new furniture or some ornamental item.

So, if you are looking or planning a makeover of your terrace, lobby, lawn, balcony, outdoor dining area or your swimming pool are the opt the trendy and comfy designer seating arrangements offered by Sereno. These furniture pieces are of such kind that they can be introduced at any kind of garden area or even some commercial establishment like any lounge and they would gel in with the atmosphere perfectly. The aura they create is something which is like visiting a fairyland itself. The magic woven by them is a treat to eyes and even enhances the holistic experience. Some of these beautiful seating pieces even represent how nature and human lives are interconnected. The comfort of these seating is beyond comparison. So, go beyond the regular furniture and opt for these one of their kind designer furniture to pamper yourself day by the joy of nature.

The charm and beauty of your garden area can be well enhanced by Designer pots which are available at Sereno. The planters and pots are so designed that they carry with themselves the charm of contemporary period and the grace of older times. They are a perfect blend of natural delight and enchantment of some divinity. The luminance of these pots can transfix at the very first glance. The alluring designs are offered in various sizes, shapes, textures and finishes. Add these pots to your living or office area and have a daily dose of positivity without any efforts. These flower pots are also available with LED lights luminance, which also helps you to cut down your expenditure on electricity bills.

So, let the comfort of the amazing seating pieces add to your aura and soothing energy of these laminated pots get diffused in your surroundings to get a surreal experience. 

Gardening heals you from within

Gardening is all about spreading colors, happiness and joy. The flowers and the chirps of the birds are perfect drug to revive every tired part of the very being. Gardens seem to have made their way to earth directly from heaven. The beautiful splashes of lively colors that are spread onto the land suffering from the dullness of winter transforms that entire place into a soulful ground. The brown patches of dead and dried grasses start to turn green transforming the entire space into a spellbinding spot of nature. Within few days past winter, nature plays the beautiful trick of spreading new life onto the rusty earth. The entire place gets soaked with the colors and scents of the meadows. There are beautiful wildflowers that create carpets on the pathways adding up to the existing beauty. A well maintained garden is enough to make you cheerful in any given day by getting your spirits high.

The power of healing
The healing power of nature is extraordinary, the power is so strong that it heals almost every problem that exists in human body, and the healing properties are even recognized by the medical professionals. The serene environment created by them allows us to take a moment for ourselves amidst the busy chaotic lives. Every soul heals in a beautifully maintained garden.

In today’s world of growing urbanization, a bit of greenery is all we want to make our surrounding lively and soothing. They not only add beauty to the interiors but also bring in life to the rooms. There are designer pots available that adds some designer look to your garden.

Designer garden pots are not very hard to maintain and they require less space. Without indulging into much hustle they give you a hobby that is beneficial for you and also make you feel good.

A Good Indoor Plant

The Areca Palm is one of the most popular and graceful palms. It is an Indoor as well as an outdoor plant and releases good amount
of moisture into the air. Additionally, the areca is consistently rated among the best houseplants for removing all indoor air toxins tested.

How to take care of your Areca Palm:


 ≈ Light: 
Palm trees will not do well in dimly lit corners. Without adequate light your plant will lose all its lower fronds. Its wise to have two sets of plants which you can rotate – 5 days indoors and then 5 days outdoors. This plant is best kept in semi-sun. 

≈ Watering:  
Palms need to be relatively moist. In spring and summer, or when temperatures are warm and days are longer, water them as soon as their soil feels dry a little below the surface. Allow the soil to get slightly drier in winter. When potted in the planter, it's important that potting soil drains well and containers you use have functioning drain holes. Water palms thoroughly, then spill or siphon off excess water that collects in the tray or saucer below the pot. The Areca Palm is fussier about over-watering, and more prone to root rot than others. A good mixture of coco peat and soil with help grow the palm well. 

≈ Keep your palm fronds clean:
Spiders are attracted to palms, so make sure to keep them clean by removing the spider webs


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