Get the Best and Authentic Decorative Planters in India

Sereno is one of the most developed and popular sellers and manufacturers of illuminating decorative planters in India. They produce 100% authentic products, which can outshine any of the occasions in indoor and outdoor as well. They add an additional glow and illumination to the entire area with their unique pots and planters. These planters can be potted inside the pot through the drainage cap at the bottom of it or can even be planted directly into the soil. These decorative planters of India has been awarded European product design award in 2019 and is a silver winner. They produce different types, sizes, colors, shapes, and varieties of planters as well. These pots and planters can suit various ambiance and occasions. They also produce seating, lamps, full soil fill planters, and half soil fill planters. These seaters are LED infused from inside and they can be placed at different places in the house such as courtyard, terraces, gardens, lawns, poolside or even indoors. You can just sit on these LED seaters very comfortably and enjoy your cup of coffee!

A brief information about Sereno
Sereno is situated in New Delhi, India. The company has done many projects, which have become a mass success as well. They provide privacy policies, where the client can withdraw the consignment at any time if there is an issue with the user agreement. The price of different decorative planters varies accordingly. You can even get the decorative planters customized according to your own needs. These planters are available in two types of finishes, namely solid finish, and granite finish. Both of these finishes comprise of different colors.

It is indeed a wise decision to incorporate the decorative planters to your homes and surrounding areas in order to give a beautiful look to the areas. So, decorate your surroundings with the help of decorative planters available with Sereno.

Choose the Right Planter for Your Garden

To add beauty to home with capturing outdoor space and porch with plants, garden pots and planters are one of the best concepts. A wide range of designer planters is available online. You need to consider few things such as cost, lifespan, and quality to sustain to get super stylish planters. There are variety of options with shapes, color, quality, and size of planters and also within good price-quality planters are available that have weather resistant and watering tray option. You can put the lovely touch to the garden with unique designs, handcrafted cement planters that are available in the market. If someone is looking for geometric design in planters they can go with geo planters that are perfect in shape and design.

Garden pots and planters are available in a wide range of flower planters and vegetable planters. It is very important to grow garden in the smooth and healthy way, so now the question arises how to get best garden planter.

  • Choosing the right planter- Study all condition and requirement of the plant which you are planning to grow. There are many plants that need the full exposure of sun, while few needs midday. It is important to check requirement of the plant while choosing planters. Few plants need regular watering, so tray comes with a planter that helps in stressing out lack of water to plant.
  • The mobility of planter- as per convenience mobility is required so instead of getting heavy planter, go with light weighted and strong designer planters. But if solid heavy planters are required then best option is to go with concrete planters.
  • Selection of material- To sustain with moisture and for maintaining the temperature of soil stone or concrete planters is the best option as it has good insulation.

Types of pots & planters

  1. Wood and metal planter- they are pretty in look and design but can be maintained with preservatives as wood shrinks and expands as it comes with the contact of moisture. On the other hand, for giving life to long plants metal is excellent.
  2. Fiberglass- it comes under synthetic option which is light, less expensive and frost resistant, where plastic planters are moisture conserving.

To get the best garden pots and planters or designer planters online in India is a good option as it gives different planters as per the style and requirement of the customer. Shopping a good planter is not an easy task as it is challenging to get best at the best price. With the detailed description of size, shape, material, that are mentioned, makes picking up planter easily.

Using designer flower pots to spruce up your garden

Flower pots are the common way of growing plants for your garden. Flower pots strategically placed can spruce your garden and make it look elegant. When you make use of designer flower pots, you are adding an extra classy touch to your home, making it look green and beautiful. There are a variety of designer pots in the market that you can buy. Let’s take a look at how you can select the best pots to suit your home.

Pots and planters
The two terms pots and planters are used interchangeably. Decorative planters are generally the same as decorative flower pots. There is a small technical difference though. Pots are generally smaller in size and are usually round in shape. Planters come in different shapes and designs. A pot generally has only one plant, while a planter can have more than one plant.

This is, of course, a technical difference. For all practical purposes, the terms designer pots and decorative planters are the same. You can make use of pots and planters of different types, materials, and dimensions for your garden. You can use them in the house or in the garden. Not only do they make your home look green, but also enhance its beauty.

While selecting designer flower pots, you can select pots of different sizes. The size of the pot would depend on the type of plant you are using. When you are buying pots or planters for your garden, make sure you get the ones of the right size, so your plants can grow perfectly in them. A too small pot can affect plant growth. If you are shifting a plant from one pot to another, use one that is at least 2 to 4 inch larger in size.

The material of the pot also plays a role in the proper growth and its appearance. Plastic pots are available in the market that looks attractive and can be cheap. You would do well to avoid plastic because it not porous. Select material that is porous like ceramic, terracotta, earthenware or even fiberglass. It is best suited for the plant and looks good too.

Go with the best
When you are looking for the best designer garden pots and planters, you can go with Sereno who are the best in this field thanks to the wide variety of designs they offer.

Give Your Home A Fresh New Look With Designer Garden Pots

Sparing a little space for a well-maintained garden in your happy place, i.e. your home is essential to give your home a fresh new look. Not to forget that gardening is also great for our mental health. Along with giving us a sense of responsibility, it also brings us close to Mother Nature. However, if you do not want to spend too much on buying various items to give your home and garden a makeover, worry not, because you can do the same by following a few DIY steps and getting home designer garden pots.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use pretty pots to decorate the various corners of your house.

  1.  The Kitchen: For home chefs who like to whiz up delicious delicacies, it would be a blessing to have a small little kitchen garden at their fingertips. And it is quite easy! Get a designer pot and fill it with compost and soil, and get going! Plant edible plants like mint, basil, and other herbs and your kitchen garden is good to go. You can also use other empty containers as planters.
  2.  Windows: Give the windows in your living room or bedroom a makeover by placing beautiful plants in equally chic designer pots. You can experiment with various plants depending on the amount of sunlight they require. Foliage, bonsai, snake plant, jade plant, aloe vera, ponytail palm, areca palm, etc. are some cool houseplants that you can keep by the window.   
  3. Balcony: If you thought you can only keep plants on the surface of your balcony, you need to think again. What if we told you that you could hang your plants too? They could look pretty against empty walls and could help you save some space too. Buy some designer garden pots that could be hanged and plant some cool plants to give your balcony a fresh new look. Flowering plants like Geranium, Petunia are great choices. You could also choose Lobelia, Sweet Alyssum, Lotus Vine, Portulaca, Million Bells, etc. for the hanging baskets.

Add the contemporary delight and natural effects to your Garden area

Add the contemporary delight and natural effects to your lifestyle and mesmerize anyone by the vision created by it. The combination of spellbinding seating pieces and the illuminated flower pots is perfectly the enchantress!

What could be something that might make the morning sunshine a little more energizing and the cool evening breeze a little more soothing? Well, it is definitely the environment in which you decide to enjoy these natural bounties. The good news is that you have the magic wand to enhance the environment in which you are by following very simple methods. It is actually by reviving and renovating, by introducing any new furniture or some ornamental item.

So, if you are looking or planning a makeover of your terrace, lobby, lawn, balcony, outdoor dining area or your swimming pool are the opt the trendy and comfy designer seating arrangements offered by Sereno. These furniture pieces are of such kind that they can be introduced at any kind of garden area or even some commercial establishment like any lounge and they would gel in with the atmosphere perfectly. The aura they create is something which is like visiting a fairyland itself. The magic woven by them is a treat to eyes and even enhances the holistic experience. Some of these beautiful seating pieces even represent how nature and human lives are interconnected. The comfort of these seating is beyond comparison. So, go beyond the regular furniture and opt for these one of their kind designer furniture to pamper yourself day by the joy of nature.

The charm and beauty of your garden area can be well enhanced by Designer pots which are available at Sereno. The planters and pots are so designed that they carry with themselves the charm of contemporary period and the grace of older times. They are a perfect blend of natural delight and enchantment of some divinity. The luminance of these pots can transfix at the very first glance. The alluring designs are offered in various sizes, shapes, textures and finishes. Add these pots to your living or office area and have a daily dose of positivity without any efforts. These flower pots are also available with LED lights luminance, which also helps you to cut down your expenditure on electricity bills.

So, let the comfort of the amazing seating pieces add to your aura and soothing energy of these laminated pots get diffused in your surroundings to get a surreal experience. 

Recyclable Decorative Planters

How about adding charm to your garden with considering sustainability an important factor?! We at Sereno have a solution for you with our exclusive range of Bello planters. These decorative planters are molded with love and made of 100% recyclable polymer.  Available in rainbow of colors with varied textures and finish, you could choose from a variety of planters to adorn your garden with them.

Feature of our Bello Planters

  •     UV Stabilized – our planters are safe from the harmful UV rays
  •     100% Recyclable – manufactured out of recyclable polymer, these are not harmful to environment and can be recycled
  •     Contemporary designs – We do not compromise design even if our products are sturdy and recyclable
  •     Exclusive non-fading colors range – our plants are perennial and do no loose its color during its life span
  •     Effortless cleaning – with non-complex designs, it easy to clean our designer flower pots
  •     Can be used indoors or outdoors – you can easy the planters indoors or even outdoors, the color and quality of the planters will remain intact
  •     Shock proof – our planters are quite sturdy as they are designed to resist any sort of damage if they  are dropped or knocked
  •     Withstand variable temperature range – A class quality promises many features other than sturdiness. Thus, our designer flower pots can stand firm in temperature range from -20 Degree Celsius to 70 Degree Celsius
  •     Unique hand finished texture – as we said, molded with love, our planters are aesthetically beautiful with pleasing hand finished texture

Listed above are just few of the features of our Bello range. Use these designer flowers pots to beautify not just your garden area but indoors as well.

Create a Beautiful Container Garden With These 3 Tips

When we talk about the most sought after forms of gardening today, container gardening tops the list. And trust us, when we say that it is not an exaggeration. Most of the people today prefer creating container gardens as they do not require much space. However, to make it a success, it is important for you to know a few secrets that will help your garden bloom.

So if you too are planning for container gardening and want to make it successful, you need not look any further for the effective tips. Here we’ve listed top 3 secrets that will help you create a beautiful container garden.

•    Drainage is important
Believe it or not, drainage plays a vital role in the growth and death of the plants. In container gardening, the pots that you use should have proper holes to let the excess water pour out. Without proper holes the water won’t come out and too much water will rot the roots of the plants.

You can also use designer flower pots to give an appealing look to your garden.

•    Evaluate your light
The amount of light required for plants will vary from one type of plants to another. This is why you first need to determine the area to place the containers and the amount of light they will receive. Based on this, you can choose the right plants that will grow beautifully in the amount of sunlight they will get.

•    Feed your plants
Just like every living being on this planet, plants too need proper food and nutrients to grow better. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that your plants in the containers are given enough nutrients for their healthy growth. Organic fertilizers are always the best for better growth of the plants.

Thus, these above discussed tips are the best ways to create a successful and appealing container garden. However, if you want to give your garden a more striking look and are looking for beautiful planters in India, you can browse through our wide collections.

Preparing your garden for the cold winters ahead

Just like you need warm clothes during winter, plants need some protection in winter too, particularly the ornamental ones which aren't local to Indian weather conditions or those that are traditionally found in warmer climates. So here are some tips to get your precious fauna protected against the chilling winters.

Build a shed
Do you have enough space in your garage? Perhaps you can make some space on your porch? Try to find a little space where you can put up a temporary (well, it is going to be around until March), shed. Buy potters and planters and move your ornamentals indoors and out of the cold.

Get the drainage right
Winter may be cold but nevertheless plants need water especially more so in winters when they lose moisture and water though the leaves. Make sure you have got the drainage right and keep watering the plants regularly. Also, if you bought potters and planters then be sure to set up the drainage right in your temporary shed. A good trick is to place the pots and planters on a slant where the excess water will drain out naturally.

Cover up the roots
Remember the warm clothes we mentioned at the beginning? Plants need them too. Cold weather is harsh on the roots and of the temperature drops too much the roots will be the first to get affected. Gather coconut husk, dried leaves and mulch (bits of wood and twigs) and place them in and around the root area. This will keep the roots warm and protected no matter how cold it gets.

Prune and trim down the excess
In winters plants have to work extra hard to make food. With little sunshine and harsh conditions the food preparing mechanism of plants take a hit and so there is no point in keeping excess leaves and twigs to increase the overhead of providing food for all of that. Make it easy on your precious plants by pruning down drying or sick leaves and excess twigs and branches that doesn't need to be on the plant.

Get in touch with a nursery

In case you tried all of the above and still haven't been able to figure out the best way to protect your plants, we suggest you talk to somebody at a nursery in your locality. They will have helped people just like you to figure out the right way to care for plants and they will be happy to help you too.

The important do’s and don’ts of container gardening

Looking for an easy way to try your hands at gardening? If yes, container gardening is the ideal option for you. It is absolutely fun and you can freely experiment with your plants and their arrangements. You can also use designer flower pots to give that perfect look to your home and garden.

It is true that a beautiful container garden can change the look of your home. But to make it a success and get the most out of your containers, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should follow.

•    Don’t over-pack
Most of the people think that more plants together in a pot will make it lusher. In case you too fall in the group, you need to understand that just like every living being, the plants too need proper space to grow. So it is better not to over-pack the pot or container with too many plants.

•    Do feed your plants properly
Different plants have different food requirements and it is important that you feed them properly for better and healthy growth. You should follow the instructions on the label to ensure healthy blooming of your plants.

•    Don’t let containers dry out
The reduced soil volume and water in your pots will cause them to dry out with the heat of the season kicking in. Therefore, daily watering of your plants is necessary to keep them hydrated and prevent the containers from drying out. Put your finger in the soil and if it feels dry, it’s time to water your plants. Also, a light-weight container means it’s due for a drink.

•    Do place the pots in sunny locations
Most of the plants need proper sunlight to get the energy and grow better. So you should place your containers at a spot that gets adequate sunlight to encourage proper growth of your plants. But remember that too much sunlight can also harm your plants.

•    Don’t drown your plants
Just like under-watering, overwatering too can harm your beautiful plants. Ensure that the pots you use for gardening have proper drainage holes to let the excess water run out. You need to be cautious because wet roots can rot your plants or leave them open to diseases.

We hope this post will help you and we wish you happy gardening!

Why should container gardening be your favourite?

Because it takes you beyond time and space and helps you enjoy gardening! Yes, it does. Moreover, if you’re one of those gardeners who get an implacable itch at the start of the season for gardening, you need not wait for the season anymore. Why? It is because container gardening makes it possible for you to start gardening at any place and any time.You can also use designer flower pots for your garden.

Let’s go through some more reasons why it should be your favourite.

1.    If you’re a beginner, there can be nothing better than container gardening. In case some of your plants die, there is no need to patch and re-seed the lawn. The best thing is that you don’t even need a lawn.

2.    Unlike regular gardening, container gardening makes it easier for you to treat the plants and protect them from pests. Also, if a plant gets a disease, it won’t spread to others and the container can be kept separately.

3.    Container gardening is convenient and easier with less back pain. Based on the spot where you place the pots or containers, you can easily work as per your comfort while either standing or sitting. Only thing you need to do is tailor the height of the pots that you use.

4.    You can easily save seeds in this form of gardening to create future plants and also can share them with others who too are interested in gardening.

5.    Pots bring portability along with them. So in this form of gardening, you can easily place your containers at suitable places in your home. You can conveniently put them inside or outside your home as per the requirements of the plants. Moreover, you can carry them along with you if you move to a new home.

By now you must have already started loving container gardening, isn’t it? You can use beautifully crafted designer flower pots to make your home look more appealing.