Top 3 designer planters from our assemblage

Eliminating the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, we’re here with some appealing designer planters to enrich your lifestyles. Blending functionality with beauty, we’ve a wide array of eye-catching designs. However, as there is always one better than the others, here are the top 3 designer planters from our collection that you can choose from.

1.    Elena planters
The shapes of these alluring planters are designed keeping the form of a torch in mind. You can easily fill these planters directly with soil or can use potted plants too. They look beautiful when illuminated from within as they are fitted with energy saving lamps and are great for outdoor uses.

These illuminated planters come with an outlet that helps in the drainage system of plants. When it comes to being economical with space, these planters are the ideal option and also they add a touch of magical luminance to your garden.

2.    Bello planters
Looking for something aesthetically pleasing hand finished designs? The Bello planters are here for you. Made using 100% recyclable polymers, these planters are highly weather resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are available in a variety of textures and colours and make it easy for you to grow plants.

3.    Orabella planters
These planters are designed in pure geometric form and perfectly blend into modern spaces. Use them in corridors or open spaces to give your home an alluring look. They can be illuminated and offers an eye pleasing experience along with a great gardening experience. Suitable for indoors, these planters will make your space look beautiful.

If you’re concern about your energy bills, these planters provide a solution to it. They are designed with the latest in LED illumination and helps in saving energy bills. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favourite now.

These gardening planters offer you the best way to keep greenery all year round and add touch of beauty to your home. You can use these planters to spruce up your entire area making it a jaw dropping sight for your guests. They act as the complementary vessels and are the best means to showcase the beauty of your plants, garden and home.

Browse through our collection now and do let us know about your favourite planter.

How to pick the right plants for your office?

If you’re planning to invest in indoor planting to give your office a fresh and vibrant look and have started the hunt for right plants, you’re reading the right post. Choosing the perfect plants for your office space may be a daunting task and so to help you, we’re here with a few important criteria that will help you pick the suitable plants.

1.       Plot your plant sites

Before you choose the plants, a survey of your office space is essential. Assess the space and find out if it will work well with small or large plants. Determine the spot to place the garden pots and planters where they can work their magic on people and make the environment more productive. Consider the spots where you’ll place the pots and accordingly select the plants based on their growth requirements.

2.       Compare plant saving options

You can save money based on your selection of plants. Among the wide variety of plants available, some will need costly maintenance while some others will be maintenance free. So make your selection wisely. You can pick from among live, artificial or preserved plants as per your needs.

3.       Run plant health checks

Plants are wild creatures and were not meant to live indoors. So when making your choice, ensure that you choose plants that are adaptable to the office eco-system. You need to make sure that the plants you choose get enough light, but are not burn out due to excessive light. Moreover, checks for staff allergies are essential as some plants have adverse reactions on some people.

Apart from these, you also need to look for the maintenance cost of the plants that you choose. We hope this post will help you pick the right plants to make your office look appealing.

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How to make your home look better and more appealing?

If you want to give your home a more appealing and chic update, you can do it without stretching your wallet. Yes, you’ve read it right. Though there is no hard and fast rule to make your home look more beautiful, there are definitely some sure shot tips for you to try without spending anything extra.

1.       The paint colour should be picked at last

Most of the people pick a paint colour before everything else and this is a big mistake. Paint colour should be the last thing for you to pick once you have everything inside your home. You can choose from a wide array of tones and shades to make your home look better. Also, for a welcoming and eye-catching look, you can use outdoor planter pots for decoration.

2.       Do not overcrowd your room

Just like you, every other thing in your house needs space to breathe and manoeuvre with ease. And for this, you should resist yourself from investing in a lot of furniture. You can browse through our range of indoor and outdoor objects that are available at reasonable cost to give your room a new and serene look. Moreover, rather than investing in a lot of things, try to buy quality pieces.

3.       Create a focal point

Design too has the main and supporting roles like any production. Your main star should be the focal point to anchor your room. Everything in your home can’t be in the leading role. So allow other less attractive items to take a secondary role and create a focal point for every area.

The focal point might be a dramatic outdoor pot at the entrance of the room, a mantel in the living room or a hood in the kitchen. You can choose anything that according to you will draw the attention of your visitors or guests.

Check out our wide range of planters and pots for decorating your home and giving it the perfect eye-catching look.

What are the top 3 tools that every gardener should have?

“One of the healthiest ways to gamble is with a spade and a package of garden seeds.”

-Dan Bennett

Gardening is much more than a way to give your home an appealing look. From reducing stress to aiding in healthy weight management, gardening is perhaps the best way to keep you engaged in something productive. And so it has rightly been said that gardening is one of the healthiest ways to gamble. However, before you start gardening and choose your garden pots and planters, there are some important tools that are essential for every gardener and here we’ve listed the top 3 for you.

  1. Trowel and hand rake

These are important tools, without which there will be no digging and planting. They are either made of steel or cast aluminium and the handles are made using easy-grip plastic or wood for better grip. These tools are durable and help in making your gardening activity easier.

  1. Pruning shears

No one wants the beautiful green garden space to become a sprawling mess, isn’t it? For this, it is important that you’ve the shears to prune your plants when they grow. Though you don’t need to spend a big amount on buying a pair of shears, you need to ensure that you buy the right pair that would prevent your hands from cramps.

  1. Gloves

Needless to say, gloves are the most important tools that you need to protect yourself from hurting with any painful objects. Thorns and thistles are very common when you start working in your garden and you need to protect yourself from them. This is why it is so important for you to buy a pair of gloves before you start gardening.

Look for a pair that fits you well and helps you to stay comfortable while you step in your garden and start working with your tools.

Keep reading our upcoming posts to know more about gardening.

How to select planters for creating a perfect garden?

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”- Lady Bird Johnson

It has been truly said that planting flowers is the best way to learn to be hopeful and watchful, developing patience. A perfect garden is the most effective way to get relief from stress and rejuvenate the balance between life and nature. But to create a perfect garden, you need to get the best planters in India from a company that amalgamates beauty and function to design the best products.

Now, the question on your mind must be how to select those planters? You need not look further as we’ve listed down the tips for selection of planters.

  • Consider the space

Determine the space where you want to place the planters. Depending on it you can decide if you want something with the wow factor, a unique designer piece or it should be more about functionality. Whatever you want, we’ve it all for you.

  • Consider the style of your home

When choosing a pot or planter, consider the interior and exterior of your home and your aesthetics. Get a pot that matches the style of your home and complements it. A perfect piece will be the one that resonates with you.

  • Create an attractive composition

If you want a perfect garden, you need to create a composition that is eye-catching. So when you buy a cluster of pots, try to mix different sizes and textures. Even if you want to use one colour, you can buy planters that are of the same colour and different textures.

  • Be cautious when selecting colour

You can choose planters with soft shades as too strong colours can be jarring to the eye. You can also use contrast colours such as dark chocolate, buttermilk etc.

If you think we’ve missed out some other tips for selecting planters to create that perfect garden, share them with us in the comment section below.

How to make your balcony garden successful?

One of the biggest mistakes that people often make in gardening is- garden without a plan. And planning is more essential in a balcony garden, without which it won’t be a success. You need to plan cautiously to create a beautiful garden in your balcony. Therefore, to make your planning process easier, here are 3 ultimate tips for a successful balcony garden.

  1. Learn about your balcony

Caution: a collapsed balcony can cost you a fortune!

So you need to first learn about your balcony, the weight it can hold. If you wish to use garden pots and planters, combined with water and earth, they’ll weight a lot. Therefore, you should first determine how strong your balcony is and the amount of weight it can hold.

Moreover, if it is a wooden balcony, you can use trays under the pots to prevent soil from falling into the wood. Again, in case of walled balcony, you can place the pots and planters on walls.

  1. Set a budget

You can easily go crazy getting things including beautiful plant accessories, seeds and plants that aren’t in your list, but will make your balcony garden look appealing. But trust us; an unplanned shopping for your garden will hurt your pocket and the death of plants will add up to the pain. So determine your budget and then modify your plans to fit into your budget.

Do not forget to add trays, gardening tools, pots and other necessary things in your budget.

  1. Choose a theme

To give your home an eye-catching look, you can choose a theme depending on the sunlight patterns and weather of your balcony. You’ll need heavy ceramic planters if your balcony is windy and if always in shade, you should choose plants that grow better in shade.

Did we miss on some other important tips for a successful and beautiful balcony garden that should be added to the list? You can share them with us in the comment section below.

Do you know these top 4 health benefits of gardening

Yes, you’ve read it right. Gardening comes with a number of health benefits that very few people know about. There are much more about gardening than just making your home look appealing.

 Let’s go through the top 4 health benefits that you can enjoy from gardening.

  1. Improves self-esteem score and reduces stress

Can you imagine of something better to measure your power than to nurture a plant from seed to fruit-bearing? Actually not! Thus, gardening improves your self-esteem score and relieves you from stress. The level of cortisol, the stress hormone, is lowered from gardening and makes you feel better, influencing your mood. Also, apart from these health benefits, you can give your home an eye-catching look by using decorative planters available at reasonable prices.

  1. Lowers the heart attack and stroke risk

Gardening is a form of physical activity and studies have shown that regular gardening will lower your risk of heart attack and stroke by up to 30%, if you’re above 60. The repetitive tasks such as weeding, digging planting etc. requires a lot of strength and are some best forms of low impact exercises.

  1. Increases hand strength and dexterity

With the growing age, the strength and dexterity of the hands decreases and as a result we aren’t able to do a number of activities. But if you’re a gardener, you’re lucky as you’ll not face such problems. This is because the dexterity and strength of your hands will increase, keeping your muscles vigorous.

  1. Improves brain health and reduces Alzheimer’s risk

Researchers have found that gardening improves your brain health and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. The main causes of this disease has yet not been found, but gardening involving a number of critical functions such as endurances, strength, problem solving, learning etc. and as a result offers a number health benefits.

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are many other benefits of gardening such as improving mental health, better immune regulation, etc.

Stay tuned to know more about such lesser known things about gardening.


Are you committing these 3 common gardening errors?

We understand that there can be no perfect gardener just like there is no thing called perfect garden. But you need to make sure that you do not commit some common gardening errors. It’s true that we all learn from the mistakes we make, isn’t it? But why to commit the same errors when you can learn from others’ mistakes? To help you avoid making the 3 common gardening errors that people make, here they are from those who have already committed them.

  1. Planting high quality plants in low quality soil

Ever wondered where do the plants get nutrients from to produce amazing foods? Of course from the soil. This is where the importance of the soil’s health comes in. Therefore, you should look for the quality of the soil before deciding on the type of plants you would choose.

You can use organic matter in low quality soils to make it better and use it for planting high quality plants. Also, the garden pots and planters you use should be according to the size of the plants.

  1. Over watering the plants

Remember, your plants need water to drink and not to drown them. Moreover, different plants have different water requirements and you need to take care of it. You first need to understand the requirements of the plants and then water them accordingly. But in no case the plants should be drowned.

  1. Misplacing the plants

The amount of light needed for growth varies from plant to plant. So before you choose a particular plant and decide its placing location, you need to know its growing habits and amount of light required for its proper growth. Poor light management is a mistake that most gardeners make and this results into poor growth of the plants.

Some plants will need more direct sunlight compared to some other plants. So place your garden pots and planters according to the sunlight requirement of the plant.

If you think some other mistakes too should be avoided, you can share them with us in the comment section below.

4 Simple Tips to make your Small Garden look bigger and more attractive

So you’ve a small garden and are looking for some effective ways to make it look bigger and more attractive? This post is just for you then. We’re here with some amazing tips that will transform your small garden space, making it look bigger and breath-taking.

1.       Declutter the space

The first thing to start with is to organise the space you have and remove everything that is not required. Remove your furniture, outdoor pots and planters and everything else to first have an idea of the space and make the most out of it. Once you know the space you’ve, you can organise your plants in a better way.

2.       Paint it right

Believe it or not, different colours can have different effects on seeing things. For say, warm colours like yellow and red will give you the feeling of being closer to the object. On the other hand, cool colours like green and purple will make you feel that you’re far away from the object you’re looking at. Again, painting the space white or a pale colour can brighten up your space. Therefore, paint the space right.

3.       Go minimal with plants

When planting your pots, be minimal with numbers. Why? Because choosing the right plants and being minimal with numbers can have maximum impact. Take proper care of the plants and keep them under control to ensure that too much space isn’t encroached.

4.       Light it

Light your garden to make it the perfect soothing space to look at. Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, you can use beautiful string lights that will give your garden a new and beautiful look, making your home look appealing.

We hope this post will help you make your small garden look bigger and beautiful. Try them out and share your experience as well.

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Do You Know The Secrets For A Successful Container Gardening?

It is no exaggeration to say that container gardening is becoming one of the most sought after forms of gardening today. This is mainly because it makes your home look more appealing, without the need of much space for gardening. However, a successful container gardening becomes a little challenging provided you’re not aware of the secrets. Therefore, to help you make your container gardening successful; we’re here with the 3 important secrets:

·         Do not skimp on drainage

Drainage can be the matter of life and death for the plants that you grow in the containers. No proper holes to pour water out of your pots can cause the plant to die. This is because too much water in the container will make the soil too wet, which will as a result rot the roots of the plants.

·         Evaluate your light

Different plants need different amount of light for their growth. So before you select a plant for your home, you need to determine the place where you’ll place the container and also how much light it will get. This will help you select the right plant, determining the amount of sunlight it will need for proper growth.

·         Feed your plants

Feeding is important for every living being and the plants are no exception. They need proper nutrients which are important for you to provide them in an adequate quantity for their survival. For better growth of the plants, you can use organic fertilizers.

Container gardening, following the above tips is the perfect option if you want to give a unique and eye-catching look to your home. Also, you can use large garden pots and planters for a more striking look. Do write to us if you’re looking for some breath-taking options for containers, pots and planters.