4 Simple Tips to make your Small Garden look bigger and more attractive

So you’ve a small garden and are looking for some effective ways to make it look bigger and more attractive? This post is just for you then. We’re here with some amazing tips that will transform your small garden space, making it look bigger and breath-taking.

1.       Declutter the space

The first thing to start with is to organise the space you have and remove everything that is not required. Remove your furniture, outdoor pots and planters and everything else to first have an idea of the space and make the most out of it. Once you know the space you’ve, you can organise your plants in a better way.

2.       Paint it right

Believe it or not, different colours can have different effects on seeing things. For say, warm colours like yellow and red will give you the feeling of being closer to the object. On the other hand, cool colours like green and purple will make you feel that you’re far away from the object you’re looking at. Again, painting the space white or a pale colour can brighten up your space. Therefore, paint the space right.

3.       Go minimal with plants

When planting your pots, be minimal with numbers. Why? Because choosing the right plants and being minimal with numbers can have maximum impact. Take proper care of the plants and keep them under control to ensure that too much space isn’t encroached.

4.       Light it

Light your garden to make it the perfect soothing space to look at. Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, you can use beautiful string lights that will give your garden a new and beautiful look, making your home look appealing.

We hope this post will help you make your small garden look bigger and beautiful. Try them out and share your experience as well.

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