Are you committing these 3 common gardening errors?

We understand that there can be no perfect gardener just like there is no thing called perfect garden. But you need to make sure that you do not commit some common gardening errors. It’s true that we all learn from the mistakes we make, isn’t it? But why to commit the same errors when you can learn from others’ mistakes? To help you avoid making the 3 common gardening errors that people make, here they are from those who have already committed them.

  1. Planting high quality plants in low quality soil

Ever wondered where do the plants get nutrients from to produce amazing foods? Of course from the soil. This is where the importance of the soil’s health comes in. Therefore, you should look for the quality of the soil before deciding on the type of plants you would choose.

You can use organic matter in low quality soils to make it better and use it for planting high quality plants. Also, the garden pots and planters you use should be according to the size of the plants.

  1. Over watering the plants

Remember, your plants need water to drink and not to drown them. Moreover, different plants have different water requirements and you need to take care of it. You first need to understand the requirements of the plants and then water them accordingly. But in no case the plants should be drowned.

  1. Misplacing the plants

The amount of light needed for growth varies from plant to plant. So before you choose a particular plant and decide its placing location, you need to know its growing habits and amount of light required for its proper growth. Poor light management is a mistake that most gardeners make and this results into poor growth of the plants.

Some plants will need more direct sunlight compared to some other plants. So place your garden pots and planters according to the sunlight requirement of the plant.

If you think some other mistakes too should be avoided, you can share them with us in the comment section below.

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