Top 3 autumn flowers for your garden

With the days becoming shorter, the time to say a sad farewell to the summer is coming close. Soon the autumn will take hold and those exuberant summer perennials will fade away. But you need not be upset as there are many colourful autumn flowering bulbs that will make your garden pots and planters look vibrant and pleasing.

Here we’ve listed the top 3 autumn flowers that will give your garden the perfect eye-catching look.

1.    Crocus

When talk about the best autumn bulbs for the garden, crocuses tops the list. They are the jewels of the autumn that creates beautiful festival of colour. You can try the Turkish species with blue marbled petals and plant it among silver birch stems to make your garden look like million bucks.

But to protect these plants, make sure you plant them beneath shrubs and trees so that they are not spoiled by heavy rains and wet weather.

2.    Dahlia

Though the striking blooms of dahlias start in summer, they are at their best in September. They come in an extraordinary range of varieties in rich colours and create an exotic effect. They are also available in a variety of sizes and look fabulous in the garden.

3.    Sternbergia

These flowers closely resemble Crocus and are excellent for autumn. These hardy bulbs can be planted in large groups for a bigger and better impact. The best thing is that these beautiful flowers enjoy reasonable poor soils, provided the drainage is sharp. Place them in a sunny position for the best display.

You need a little planning to enjoy the best look of your garden, regardless of the season. You can use designer garden pots and planters from our wide range of variety for the perfect looking garden. But before you plant any flower, go through their needs and requirements carefully to ensure their proper growth.

If you know some other plants for autumn gardening, you can share them with us.

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