A detailed understanding of containers for house plants

When it comes to indoor gardening, pots and planters are the one that hold the top spot. All plants ranging from succulents to exotic plants all require a proper space and care to grow. For most indoor plants the designer planters are among the favorite choice. But before you choose the perfect planter or that designer planter, there are two consideration that are to be kept in mind.

The considerations:
The consideration that are to be kept in mind are Size and Drainage. We will discuss about them in details.

The most basic work of the pots and planters is to provide the right space to the plant to grow, whenever you choose a container you should make sure that it is of right size. In case the planter is too small the plant will soon become root bound. This is a situation in which the root takes the entire pot and there is no room left for expansion which in turn prevent further growth of the plant. This may also lead to plant getting out of proportions. On the other hand, if the planter is too big then it will retain moisture for longer time which will again lead to poor growth of the plant. It is important to choose a right planter for the growth.

Drainage is very important for plants of all types this is the reason why most of the garden pots and planters have holes in their bottom. The lack of drainage leads the water to clot in the containers, it results in rotting the roots and eventually killing the plant. If you are using decorative plants then it is very important to keep a watch in the water as there are no holes for drainage there may be chances of over watering or under watering of plants.