Tips to enhance kitchen Garden with Rectangular planters and ceramic pots

The popularity of gardening is flourishing more in spite of the growing urbanization and population. Gardening is a hobby for some people while others take it quite seriously. Gardening has become an integral part for some people, who love to be in touch with the green plants and flowers. The pleasure that people get from planting, growing vegetables and flowers is incomparable. But we can see the sheer popularity of kitchen garden in so many households. It turned out to be a huge hit among the people today. Kitchen garden refers to growing vegetables, fruits, herbs at the backyard of house or on a small plot of land. However due to lack of space, people even use their balconies and terrace. By the help of Kitchen garden you can get regular supply of vegetables, nutritious fruits without going out.

There are some tips to make your kitchen garden beautiful with different kind of planters that can help enhance your garden:

  •     Customarily, kitchen gardens have been considered essentially as a hotspot for developing vegetables and spices. Nonetheless, kitchen gardens whenever arranged appropriately can include a tasteful worth. Utilizing extravagant artistic pots of various sizes and shapes can improve the style of open spaces and terraces. It can add an aesthetic value to your kitchen garden. Ceramic pots are a top pick among gardeners.
  •     The customary rectangular outdoor planter combines usefulness and adaptability regardless of whether it decorates a lawn scene or condo windowsill. Planters come with variety of sizes and shapes but the most preferable and the common one is the rectangular planter. It is used for growing vegetables like lettuce and other salad leaves as they need more space to grow. Since rectangular planters are large, it becomes easy to cultivate number of plants in a single planter.
  •     In a rectangular planter you can plant annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs. Therefore the best vegetables for rectangular planters include grape, tomatoes. Another advantage of using rectangular planters is less requirement of water. There are places where water is a scarcity; rectangular planter is the right choice to plants as they don’t need to be watered frequently as tapered pots.
  •     Ceramic pots are a work of art. It also has several advantages for kitchen gardening. Ceramic pots looks visually appealing which is made from finely textured clay. These pots provide better air and water flow for the plants. Since ceramic pots are more water engrossing, they are useful for the plants that require more drainage.

These tips will be helpful in making your kitchen garden more functional and effective. Get yourself rectangular planters and ceramic pots which are very popular nowadays. They give aesthetic visuals and very functional.

Get the Best and Authentic Decorative Planters in India

Sereno is one of the most developed and popular sellers and manufacturers of illuminating decorative planters in India. They produce 100% authentic products, which can outshine any of the occasions in indoor and outdoor as well. They add an additional glow and illumination to the entire area with their unique pots and planters. These planters can be potted inside the pot through the drainage cap at the bottom of it or can even be planted directly into the soil. These decorative planters of India has been awarded European product design award in 2019 and is a silver winner. They produce different types, sizes, colors, shapes, and varieties of planters as well. These pots and planters can suit various ambiance and occasions. They also produce seating, lamps, full soil fill planters, and half soil fill planters. These seaters are LED infused from inside and they can be placed at different places in the house such as courtyard, terraces, gardens, lawns, poolside or even indoors. You can just sit on these LED seaters very comfortably and enjoy your cup of coffee!

A brief information about Sereno
Sereno is situated in New Delhi, India. The company has done many projects, which have become a mass success as well. They provide privacy policies, where the client can withdraw the consignment at any time if there is an issue with the user agreement. The price of different decorative planters varies accordingly. You can even get the decorative planters customized according to your own needs. These planters are available in two types of finishes, namely solid finish, and granite finish. Both of these finishes comprise of different colors.

It is indeed a wise decision to incorporate the decorative planters to your homes and surrounding areas in order to give a beautiful look to the areas. So, decorate your surroundings with the help of decorative planters available with Sereno.

Using designer flower pots to spruce up your garden

Flower pots are the common way of growing plants for your garden. Flower pots strategically placed can spruce your garden and make it look elegant. When you make use of designer flower pots, you are adding an extra classy touch to your home, making it look green and beautiful. There are a variety of designer pots in the market that you can buy. Let’s take a look at how you can select the best pots to suit your home.

Pots and planters
The two terms pots and planters are used interchangeably. Decorative planters are generally the same as decorative flower pots. There is a small technical difference though. Pots are generally smaller in size and are usually round in shape. Planters come in different shapes and designs. A pot generally has only one plant, while a planter can have more than one plant.

This is, of course, a technical difference. For all practical purposes, the terms designer pots and decorative planters are the same. You can make use of pots and planters of different types, materials, and dimensions for your garden. You can use them in the house or in the garden. Not only do they make your home look green, but also enhance its beauty.

While selecting designer flower pots, you can select pots of different sizes. The size of the pot would depend on the type of plant you are using. When you are buying pots or planters for your garden, make sure you get the ones of the right size, so your plants can grow perfectly in them. A too small pot can affect plant growth. If you are shifting a plant from one pot to another, use one that is at least 2 to 4 inch larger in size.

The material of the pot also plays a role in the proper growth and its appearance. Plastic pots are available in the market that looks attractive and can be cheap. You would do well to avoid plastic because it not porous. Select material that is porous like ceramic, terracotta, earthenware or even fiberglass. It is best suited for the plant and looks good too.

Go with the best
When you are looking for the best designer garden pots and planters, you can go with Sereno who are the best in this field thanks to the wide variety of designs they offer.

How to choose the best planter in India?

Wondering on how to get the best horticulturist in India? Or you’ve wanted to get a garden pot for yourself but in one way or the other, you find it difficult. Well, we are here to be of help to you. You’ve got no reason to worry anymore because, here in this article I’ll give you some tips on how to choose the best planter in India as well as introducing to you one of the best and trusted companies that deals in designer garden pots.

But before I let the cat out of the bag, I will like to let us know what I meant by the word horticulturist. Horticulturist is someone who deals in planting and as well as managing flowers. The work of a horticulturist is to plant, manage and as well design the flowers in shape.

Nowadays, there’s high demand in flowers for so many reasons such as; for beautifying our surroundings and anniversaries. But the beauty and growth of a flower lies on the type of container which is been planted in. take for instance, a flower having a fibrous root which is been planted in a small container. As time goes on, this flower is liable to have a stunted growth reason because, the growth of the flower is been restricted due to the container it’s been planted.

So, at this point I will recommend that we contact a horticulturist to do the planting and other necessary things as it’s their job and they know exactly what a plant deserves. For this, I will be giving some guides on how to choose the best planters in India.

  • Be sure of he/she certification: in other to choose a good and experienced horticulturist, you need to be sure that he/she is certified and approved.
  • Garden visitation: garden visitation is necessary so that we’ll be rest assured of the kind of person we are dealing with. However, we’d be able to know how experienced and ambition such person is with his/her work.
  • Professionalism: the level of professionalism of the person means a lot when we are on the lookout for horticulturist. Therefore, we need to take cognizance of this and to as well be very much careful so as not to employ the wrong person for the job.

In conclusion, for quality assurance of a job well done, contact Serena today. They are one of the most trusted and reliable garden planters and pot designers in India. I hope that by now, you are able to choose the best horticulturist around you with confident. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more write ups from us. Till then, stay blessed.

Add the contemporary delight and natural effects to your Garden area

Add the contemporary delight and natural effects to your lifestyle and mesmerize anyone by the vision created by it. The combination of spellbinding seating pieces and the illuminated flower pots is perfectly the enchantress!

What could be something that might make the morning sunshine a little more energizing and the cool evening breeze a little more soothing? Well, it is definitely the environment in which you decide to enjoy these natural bounties. The good news is that you have the magic wand to enhance the environment in which you are by following very simple methods. It is actually by reviving and renovating, by introducing any new furniture or some ornamental item.

So, if you are looking or planning a makeover of your terrace, lobby, lawn, balcony, outdoor dining area or your swimming pool are the opt the trendy and comfy designer seating arrangements offered by Sereno. These furniture pieces are of such kind that they can be introduced at any kind of garden area or even some commercial establishment like any lounge and they would gel in with the atmosphere perfectly. The aura they create is something which is like visiting a fairyland itself. The magic woven by them is a treat to eyes and even enhances the holistic experience. Some of these beautiful seating pieces even represent how nature and human lives are interconnected. The comfort of these seating is beyond comparison. So, go beyond the regular furniture and opt for these one of their kind designer furniture to pamper yourself day by the joy of nature.

The charm and beauty of your garden area can be well enhanced by Designer pots which are available at Sereno. The planters and pots are so designed that they carry with themselves the charm of contemporary period and the grace of older times. They are a perfect blend of natural delight and enchantment of some divinity. The luminance of these pots can transfix at the very first glance. The alluring designs are offered in various sizes, shapes, textures and finishes. Add these pots to your living or office area and have a daily dose of positivity without any efforts. These flower pots are also available with LED lights luminance, which also helps you to cut down your expenditure on electricity bills.

So, let the comfort of the amazing seating pieces add to your aura and soothing energy of these laminated pots get diffused in your surroundings to get a surreal experience. 

Gardening heals you from within

Gardening is all about spreading colors, happiness and joy. The flowers and the chirps of the birds are perfect drug to revive every tired part of the very being. Gardens seem to have made their way to earth directly from heaven. The beautiful splashes of lively colors that are spread onto the land suffering from the dullness of winter transforms that entire place into a soulful ground. The brown patches of dead and dried grasses start to turn green transforming the entire space into a spellbinding spot of nature. Within few days past winter, nature plays the beautiful trick of spreading new life onto the rusty earth. The entire place gets soaked with the colors and scents of the meadows. There are beautiful wildflowers that create carpets on the pathways adding up to the existing beauty. A well maintained garden is enough to make you cheerful in any given day by getting your spirits high.

The power of healing
The healing power of nature is extraordinary, the power is so strong that it heals almost every problem that exists in human body, and the healing properties are even recognized by the medical professionals. The serene environment created by them allows us to take a moment for ourselves amidst the busy chaotic lives. Every soul heals in a beautifully maintained garden.

In today’s world of growing urbanization, a bit of greenery is all we want to make our surrounding lively and soothing. They not only add beauty to the interiors but also bring in life to the rooms. There are designer pots available that adds some designer look to your garden.

Designer garden pots are not very hard to maintain and they require less space. Without indulging into much hustle they give you a hobby that is beneficial for you and also make you feel good.

Go Green(er) to Make a Happy Home

Home- a place where your story begins, your heart is. Home is the starting place of love, laughter and dreams. To make your home lively you need to make sure that your home interior as well as the exterior surrounding is calm and vibrant at the same time. Now when we think of calmness nothing comes better in our mind than green indoor plants and also nothing can be better than a vibrant garden outside your house decorated with designers planters and plastic planters that add serenity to your place.

Designer planters always give the final touch to the garden as well as the interior that lifts the decoration of the home beyond ordinary. And for those with a pocket-handkerchief garden or a small balcony or just a window box, pots and planters become an essential part to design and decorate their home. You always have the option to choose between plastic planters, metal planters or fiber glass planters depending on your need and sense of styling.

Choosing the right pots and planters
Plants can bring life to every corner of your plot. Be it the interior or exterior of your house or workplace, there is a varied range of products to choose from. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns matching the exact theme of your place and also in different materials to choose from like- plastic planters, fiber glass planters, metal planters etc. As these are the places where you spend most of your time, it is very necessary to choose the product wisely. Planters can work all sorts of magic in your space. Sereno has all the options available to decorate your room and garden with designer planters or plastic planters.

So, why wait when you have all the varieties easily available online also. Get your desired planters now and see how they transform your space magically and influence the whole scene.

A detailed understanding of containers for house plants

When it comes to indoor gardening, pots and planters are the one that hold the top spot. All plants ranging from succulents to exotic plants all require a proper space and care to grow. For most indoor plants the designer planters are among the favorite choice. But before you choose the perfect planter or that designer planter, there are two consideration that are to be kept in mind.

The considerations:
The consideration that are to be kept in mind are Size and Drainage. We will discuss about them in details.

The most basic work of the pots and planters is to provide the right space to the plant to grow, whenever you choose a container you should make sure that it is of right size. In case the planter is too small the plant will soon become root bound. This is a situation in which the root takes the entire pot and there is no room left for expansion which in turn prevent further growth of the plant. This may also lead to plant getting out of proportions. On the other hand, if the planter is too big then it will retain moisture for longer time which will again lead to poor growth of the plant. It is important to choose a right planter for the growth.

Drainage is very important for plants of all types this is the reason why most of the garden pots and planters have holes in their bottom. The lack of drainage leads the water to clot in the containers, it results in rotting the roots and eventually killing the plant. If you are using decorative plants then it is very important to keep a watch in the water as there are no holes for drainage there may be chances of over watering or under watering of plants.

Designer Planters to Grow Veggies

Ever thought of eating veggies from your own garden?! You don’t need big spacious gardens to grow them or buy some special planters. Rather healthy veggies can be grown in your designer planters that you already own. If you think that the use of designer flower pots is limited to grow flowers only then you are wrong as they can be equally used to grow veggies.

Not every vegetable can be grown in the garden but here is a list of the vegetables that can be grown best in the planters.

  • Potatoes
  • Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cherry
  • Bush tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Eggplants
  • Summer squash
  • Asian greens
  • Pole beans
  • Lastly don't forget the herbs!

Things required for planting veggies

Here’s a list of things required to grow edible plants in your home garden:

  1. Selecting the right container – the depth of the container matters the most
  2. Placement of the planters – minimum six hours of sunlight is necessary for a healthy growth
  3. Quality of soil – do not use soil from your garden rather buy soil specially processed for vegetable planters
  4. Water supply – for a healthy growth vegetable require consistent supply of water
  5. Fertilizers – organic fertilizers should be used to help the vegetable grow in the containers, they are nutrients for your plants
  6. Proper take care of the hygiene – to avoid any plant diseases or buildup of pests keep the area clean and healthy

All the requirements are easy to understand but something important that you should keep in mind is the right planting depth. So before choosing one you should check below that what should be the size of your container.

Planting Depth

Different veggies require different soil depths for a healthy growth. For every vegetable mentioned below is the minimum soil depth required. If you wish to get away with less depth soil then you must use self-watering planters. The sizes mentioned below are not unique but size regular designer planters that you easily get in the markets.

Take a look at the list below to check what is the minimum depth you require to grow vegetable in your designer planters.

4-5 inches:
Chives, lettuce, radishes, other salad greens, basil and coriander

6-7 inches:
Bush beans, garlic, kohlrabi, onions, Asian greens, peas, mint and thyme

8-9 inches:
Pole beans, carrots, chard, cucumber, eggplant, fennel, leeks, peppers, spinach, parsley and rosemary

10-12 inches:
Beets, broccoli, okra, potatoes, sweet corn, summer squash, dill and lemongrass

With plethora of designer flower pots and plants, you can buy them to grow your veggies and eat healthy stuff.

Recyclable Decorative Planters

How about adding charm to your garden with considering sustainability an important factor?! We at Sereno have a solution for you with our exclusive range of Bello planters. These decorative planters are molded with love and made of 100% recyclable polymer.  Available in rainbow of colors with varied textures and finish, you could choose from a variety of planters to adorn your garden with them.

Feature of our Bello Planters

  •     UV Stabilized – our planters are safe from the harmful UV rays
  •     100% Recyclable – manufactured out of recyclable polymer, these are not harmful to environment and can be recycled
  •     Contemporary designs – We do not compromise design even if our products are sturdy and recyclable
  •     Exclusive non-fading colors range – our plants are perennial and do no loose its color during its life span
  •     Effortless cleaning – with non-complex designs, it easy to clean our designer flower pots
  •     Can be used indoors or outdoors – you can easy the planters indoors or even outdoors, the color and quality of the planters will remain intact
  •     Shock proof – our planters are quite sturdy as they are designed to resist any sort of damage if they  are dropped or knocked
  •     Withstand variable temperature range – A class quality promises many features other than sturdiness. Thus, our designer flower pots can stand firm in temperature range from -20 Degree Celsius to 70 Degree Celsius
  •     Unique hand finished texture – as we said, molded with love, our planters are aesthetically beautiful with pleasing hand finished texture

Listed above are just few of the features of our Bello range. Use these designer flowers pots to beautify not just your garden area but indoors as well.